Borehamwood Bowls Club
Tuesday, 18.06.2019
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Internal Knock-out Competitions

Each season there are five knock-out tournaments for ladies and the same for men, with one mixed event. They are:-

  • Men's or Ladies Singles Championship.

  • Men's or Ladies Junior Singles Championship
  • Men's or Ladies Handicap Singles Championship
  • Men's or Ladies 2-Wood Singles Championship
  • Men's or Ladies Handicap Pairs Championship
  • The Mixed Singles Championship

All the above are played throughout the season with a final during Finals Weekend which takes place in early September. See our fixture list for the actual date(s).

The competition draws will be put up on the relevant notice boards in early May and, keeping within the dates specified for each round, you can arrange your matches at a date and time to be agreed with your opponent.


All singles matches must have a marker. The first named person in each match will be responsible for contacting their opponent and offering three dates - they will also be responsible for obtaining a marker. Enter your name(s) in the diary as soon as the match is arranged.

  • 2 trial ends are allowed in each match. These do not count towards the score.
  • If a “dead end” occurs in a match then do not count the end towards the score, replay the end.
  • The score card should be signed by the losing player and placed in the relevant pocket beside the draw sheet. These will be used in reviewing handicaps. The winners name should be entered on the draw list as soon is the game is over.  Please do this with care and write clearly.

  • If you fail to play your game by the date specified then the Fixtures Secretary will decide who, if anybody, may progress to the next round on a “bye”.

The Various Events

The Singles Championship

  • This is played with 4 woods and with no handicaps.
  • The first player to 21 shots (not ends) is the winner.
  • The duration of this game is approximately 1 hour plus.

The Junior Singles Championship

  • This similar to The Singles Championship and will be of similar duration. The only difference is that you can only win this competition once, and if you win it you cannot enter this competition again in subsequent seasons.

The Handicap Singles Championship

  • This is played with 4 woods.
  • The lower ranked player will need to score 21 shots and the higher ranked player will need to score 21 plus the difference between the two players’ handicaps.
    For example, if a player has a handicap of 2 and they play a player with a handicap of 7 the difference between the handicaps is 5, therefore the player with a handicap of 7 will need to score 26 shots (21+ the handicap difference of 5) to win.
  • The duration of this game is approximately 1 - 2 hours depending upon the impact of the handicaps.

The 2-Wood Singles Championship

  • This is obviously played with 2 Woods and, without no handicaps, is played over 21 ends (not shots).
  • The game will not run for the full 21 ends if the gap between the scores cannot be recovered within the ends remaining.
  • The quickest game we play - perhaps 45 minutes duration.

The Handicap Pairs Championship

  • You enter this competition individually and will be drawn with a partner by the organiser.
  • Each player has 4 woods and this competition is played over 21 ends (not shots).
  • The handicaps of each pair are added to give a total, or aggregate, handicap. The difference in the total handicaps of the opposing pairs will then be added to the score at the conclusion of the first end along with any actual score made.
  • This is the longest game we play - a close game could be in excess of 2 hours.

Mixed Singles Championship

  • This is a 4 wood singles game played over 2 sets of 9 ends, with 1 point for each set won, or half a point if the score is equal after the 9 ends.
  • The winner of the first set wins the mat for the first end of the second set, or may surrender the mat to their opponent if they prefer. If the first set was a tie then the winner of the last end wins the mat.
  • If after the two sets the score is equal (i.e. a draw) then a third end playoff will decide the result. If the playoff is required then the first player to win two ends is the match winner regardless of the shots scored or ends played.
  • This game is likely to last approximately 1 hour.
  • This is the only mixed knock-out competition.